Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How to flirt with girls

Ok, lets face it, what do all the guys really wish they knew more about. Well as i guy i could say say it is to handle women in both sex and relationship in a better way. Lets face it , After all, the are pretty differently wired as compared to guys,right from childhood, and this presents as a very big challenge. The fact is women are not simple and will never be simple or magically easier to read.However , i have got some good news for all the men out there who are willing to learn how to  master the art of seducing women or should i say become a total bad-ass in the eyes of the ladies.

THE TAO OF BADNESS program is a program that just about does that.

Its Author - Joshua Pellicer:

Well for people who are not familiar with his work might have 2 questions in their minds.
1)Who is this guy?
2)How can he help me with women?

Well i am here to answer just that for you.Take for example you read an article on some magazine about a sharks , written by a men you never heard of before . Would you consider it a valuable source of information , of course not , but say the guy who wrote this article was a Marine Biologist with some experience , just say, you would have no reason to question the contents of the article.

The same kind of sense could be transferred to the Tao of Badness. Joshua Pellicer might not be someone you heard about before but he is a leading authority on Dating, and he might not have that popularity that some pick up artists have , he has his own followers (me being one) and also had his own radio show about dating women. His interviews have also been published on The New York Times,The Today Show,and even The Associated Press. 

 How The Tao of Badness Works:
       Joshua Pellicer is a unique person when compared to other dating advisors. To begin with, he gets what will make women attracted to you. Now thats what we all need in the first place for our hopes to score to rise up.He knows what will make them think of getting in bed with you......or take it any further towards a relationship. Also he know what men actually want from this relationship. He says that guys are not born as bad-ass , so every one has to learn from their experiences to become better men and he set out a goal to help all those people who are willing to change.

Luckily, figuring out the mystery of what attracts and interests a women is now exactly Rocket Science.However, it is a lot easier said then done and solving the issue will need you apply come changes in how you do things:

  • This is the first and maybe the most important step.Self Discovery, Know what are the mistakes you have been making and causing you to strike out with women.
  • Find out what separates the crowd from the people who succeeded , like the rich people, It isn't their huge wallets or their massive charm.You are not different than any of them.
  • Learn to figure out a women and learn to know when a women is paying attention to you and to sought out her intentions.
Learn the simple techniques that will help you settle if you think you found your one. Dont ever let her go and you can do that a bit easily by knowing the techniques for a healthy relationship.

Pros and Cons :
  • Really nice way the author has presented the Book.He presents it in a simple language with a straight answer to any complicated problem.
  • The book information wise is very RESOURCEFUL.
  • You can start testing them out on your next time you go out.
  • The author has a positive attitude towards women which is a pro.
  • It really is a look at creating a situation that is positive todays both of you.
  • The most common thing is its too comprehensive.Well for most of the people this is an advantage.More Good information certainly can't do any harm.
  • Its now a day course.Well some people claim that they will make you players over night but none of them usually work for anyone.